Copper Cleaning Tips

Kevin YoungUncategorized

Tips to clean copper jewelry.

Use a jewelry polishing cloth to clean copper jewelry. Gently rubbing the jewelry piece with the cloth will most often restore the shine.

Cut a lemon in half and add a dash of salt to cut side. Rub the lemon over the jewelry piece. You can also add a dash of salt to some lemon juice (enough juice to coat the piece). Dip the jewelry into the juice and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse the piece off with water and dry it thoroughly with a polishing cloth.

To keep you copper jewelry from tarnishing, store the pieces in a jewelry case or re-sealable plastic bag, and use anti-tarnish paper. Don’t wear copper jewelry in swimming pools or hot tubs. The chemicals in the water can damage your jewelry. Your copper pieces will maintain their luster if you treat them with care: wipe off your jewelry with a polish cloth after you have worn it. You can also clean it occasionally with a mild detergent and water.